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GeoObject on top of Google Map.


I am currently exploring to use Wikitude GeoObject with POIs. I would like to know is it possible to have GeoObject onto of a map (e.g Google Map)?

I am using Appcelerator Titanium.

If possible, how to do it and any sample I can refer to.

Thank you.

Hi Andreas,

Thanks for ur reply. Actually my question is whether is it possible to achieve a 3D POI Geo-object on top a map, similar to Pokemon as per attached photo.

Look forward ur reply. Thank you.

Best regards,


Hi again,

Displaying content on top of a map is out of Wikitude's (AR) scope. You may have a look at other vendors' offers (e.g. mapbox) to achieve a Pokemon Go like map-overlay.

Best regards,


Hi there!

sorry for late reply. Please note that placing of lat/long values on top of a Map is not directly related to our AR SDK. 
Please have a look e.g. at the GoogleMaps API where your question will be answered in nice detail.

Best regards,

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