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GeoObject on top of Google Map.


I am currently exploring to use Wikitude GeoObject with POIs. I would like to know is it possible to have GeoObject onto of a map (e.g Google Map)?

I am using Appcelerator Titanium.

If possible, how to do it and any sample I can refer to.

Thank you.

Hi there!

sorry for late reply. Please note that placing of lat/long values on top of a Map is not directly related to our AR SDK. 
Please have a look e.g. at the GoogleMaps API where your question will be answered in nice detail.

Best regards,

Hi Andreas,

Thanks for ur reply. Actually my question is whether is it possible to achieve a 3D POI Geo-object on top a map, similar to Pokemon as per attached photo.

Look forward ur reply. Thank you.

Best regards,


Hi again,

Displaying content on top of a map is out of Wikitude's (AR) scope. You may have a look at other vendors' offers (e.g. mapbox) to achieve a Pokemon Go like map-overlay.

Best regards,


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