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Magnetometer/compass questions (Android)

Hi! I am using Wikitude 7.1.0 with ODG R-7 smartglasses. I have some difficulties calibrating the compass and therefore, have some questions regarding how the magnetometer is used by Wikitude.

1. What values does Wikitude use from the magnetometer: TYPE_MAGNETIC_FIELD or TYPE_MAGNETIC_FIELD_UNCALIBRATED? 

2. In an older topic it was stated that inserting compass values manually is not possible with Wikitude. Is this still the case?

3. I noticed that in the hardware class, there is a method: sensors.compass.correctionAngle 



"Defines a correction angle clockwise of the compass in degrees. Values will be applied modulo 360. A value of 361 degrees has the same effect as setting the value to 1 degree." 

How is this method used, exactly? Is this correction value added or substracted from the actual value?

Thanks for your help! :)


With android 7.1 we changed some internal sensor code which could explain it. This issue must have been missed during testing and we plan to fix it with the next release.

Best Regards,


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