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Since 7.1.0 upgrade we cannot upload ios apps to the App Store

Since upgrading to 7.1.0 when I verify an archive for upload to the app store I get the message in the attached screenshot.

After some research I discovered grep -r '#!/' * used to give this:

Binary file Unity-iPhone 11-10-2017, 16.04.xcarchive/Products/Applications/ matches

but now gives this:

Unity-iPhone 11-10-2017, 18.39.xcarchive/Products/Applications/!/bin/sh

Unity-iPhone 11-10-2017, 18.39.xcarchive/Products/Applications/!/bin/sh

Binary file Unity-iPhone 11-10-2017, 18.39.xcarchive/Products/Applications/ matches

Can you let me know how to remove these files from the framework, I have an urgent desire to be able to upload my app.


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Please check the "Removing simulator architectures for App Store submissions" section from this page:

You will find the script in the Native iOS SDK package from our downloads page.

We'll update the Unity documentation to also include this information.

Best regards,


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