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POIs with Android Studio

Hello everybody, I am new at the forums and also at Wikitude, I don't know if my question is posted in the right place, but I've been looking forward to do an app with Points of interest in Android Studio, but there is no step by step tutorial on the Internet about how to do it in Android Studio, I've tried to do it like the normal Architect view but there is no way I can do it. Do you have any clear example or maybe something step by step where should I write the many parts of the code? I know it sounds so strange, but I have to do it before october 6th, Could you please help me? Thanks a lot!!!

Hello Mario,

I would recommend you do the following steps:

  • Read here instructions on how to setup a project in Android Studio.
  • Since you are dealing with POIs, please refer to this documentation section regarding Location Strategy.
  • Then you can just download our sample and take the examples directly from there.




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I only want the native detail screen how can i run it as a single with no other examples?. for example when i open the app it will automatically launches the native detail screen poi

Thank you Eva, :) 

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