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Compass and accelerometer not working android javascript api 7.1


I'm migrating my AR apps to wikitude, so I downloaded javascript api 7.1 for android and got running the sdk examples. 3D model at geolocation example shows the model but its relative position is always the same; it seems like the compass and the accelerometer are not working, however, I successfully tested both sensors in others apps. I also tried the POIs and radar example and everything is displayed correctly but the compass remains in the same position even though I move the phone. 

When I run the wikitude app (I got it from play store) the radar works fine; I am able to see different POIs  when I turn around the phone and the north indicator changes accordingly.

I read in this forum that you recommended to downgrade sdk to version 6 to someone else who had similar problems, nevertheless, I couldn't find that version in downloads section.

Thanks Alex, 

You're right, with 7.1 is working fine now.

Best regards,


Hello Oswaldo,

Could you please tell me which device you are testing with and, if it is possible, send over a video demonstrating your issue?



Hi Eva,

I'm testing with a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime phone (SM-G530H), Android version 5.0.2.

Here are two videos, one with sdk examples app and other with wikitude app to show the difference between them:

wikitude app

SDK Examples app



Hi Oswaldo,

it seems like you are using Wikitude SDK 7.0 and not 7.1. In 7.0 there was an issue with POIs when the device did not have a Gyroscope which is true for the Galaxy Grand Prime.

It is working on the Wikitude App since it was using SDK 6.1 until today.

Please make sure that you are using 7.1. as this should fix the issue.

Best Regards,


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