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Last of several animation takes in one fbx has a too long duration


We created several models with animations in Autodesk Maya 2018, exported them as fbx using the Game Exporter and imported them in the Wikitude 3D Encoder. From here on the last animation in the file always lasts longer than intended.

I carefully exported the takes at the needed frame length. It starts correctly but does not stop when intended. We noticed that the take lasts around the length the complete animation would have in the Maya file or all takes combined. The model does not move during this time.

Apparently we had the same problem in the previous project which I didn't work on but also used Maya to create the files. In case it matters, I work on a Mac right now. When trying out the Encoder on Windows 10 I did not have this problem.

Is there a way to define the animation when importing it to the Encoder or another solution to this?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Good morning Eva,

would you mind providing one of the FBX files you are having this issue with for me to have a look at. We fixed some issues with the 3D encoder recently and the description of this problem seems quite familiar.

My hope is that the most recent build of the encoder will solve this issue. I don't believe we've release it yet, but it should be available shortly.

- Daniel

Hello Daniel, thank you so much for answering!

I uploaded a file that has more than the before mentioned problem, hoping to get insight on those as well. I really hope that doesn't distract from the actual problem. First of all you can see the problem with the too long animations when playing the "tipped" animation within the encoder.

But you will also clearly see the wheels and body of the toy car don't work as intended either. I can't find any mistakes in Maya. Can it be part of the encoder trouble as well or did I make a mistake somewhere?


Hi Eva,

I tried your model with the most current version of the 3D encoder and could, I'm afraid, reproduce both issues you described. The model works perfectly fine in the Autodesk FBX review tool, meaning that these are issues that needs fixing on our side.

I cannot, however, make any promises about when these fixes will likely occur. I will bring them up during our next scheduling session, but knowing our pans for the immediate future it might not be something we will have the time to tackle right away. 

I believe the second issue you are having is one that has been reported previously, so that might bump the priority up a bit.

I'll try to keep you posted.

- Daniel

We are having exactly this issue with multiple takes in an FBX file.
One take plays correctly. The others play and the model stops moving, but the animation time keeps playing for a lot longer than intended.

Do you have any updates on fixes for this issue?



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