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Problems with the Google's Location Services

Hello everyone.


I have a project for the university, I want to use the Wikitude SDK to use POI, but I have problems getting the user's location.  I'm using the Wikitude SDK 7 and already look at the examples of version 7 and the documentation of POI of the web page and I have written twice in this forum asking for help. 


I know I should use Google's location services, and I looked at the page, documentation, Google's Github examples, but nothing works.


I already did what it says in the Google documentation. (

1. In the Gradle put google location services


2. In the Manifest put the permission and the Google Key


3. Create the location services and obtain it 


There are no errors in my app, but when I run it, it does not open and it closes immediately. 


Please help!

Hello Juan,

Have you tried to run our GeoLocation samples we provide exactly as we have them written and see if this is working for you?  Could you please also send your complete AR experience (.html, .css, .js files, assets, target images) so we can test internally?



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Hi Eva, thanks for replying.


I downloaded and tested with the examples, I'm just using the example "06_Object $ Tracking_1_Basic $ Object $ Tracking". If there is another example of Geolocalization, I do not know.

But it does not recognize the user's location, a yellow triangle appears below and the location must be activated with Google's services. 


I sent you my complete AR experience, but it's the same as the example I'm using, assets with .html, .js and images


Thank you Eva, thank you.

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Hello Juan,

I am really confused with your answer since you mention Object Recognition and GeoLocation services and these two features have nothing in common. If you just want to test our GeoLocation services then you can test our samples from 08_Point$Of$Interest_1_Poi$At$Location to 10_Browsing$Pois_6_Bonus-Capture$Screen.



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