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Framerate issues with Unity InstantTracker

We are quite early in our games development and we are already getting some quite slow framerates, for example the iphone6 running at 22fps.

Profiling one test scenario reveals:

iPhone6: 35ms in BackgroundCamera.OnPostRender

4th gen ipad: 51ms in BackgroundCamera.OnPostRender

nexus5: 30ms in WikitudeCamera.Update()

pixel: 30ms in WikitudeCamera.Update()

the pixel still runs at about 30fps showing that whatever other processing we are doing is not taking up much time on that platform.

Are these the sort of update times we should be expecting, if not could you give us some guidelines as to where we are going wrong?


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I apologize for the late reply.

When using Unity 5.4.2f2, SDK 7.1.0 and Metal rendering I'm getting around 44 FPS during tracking with a few augmentations, as measured by Xcode. In the profiler I get around 23ms in WikitudeCamera.Update().

When using OpenGL ES 3 I get around 39 FPS with BackgroundCamera.OnPostRender taking between 27ms

Unfortunately, when the device starts to get hot, these values can drop up to 24 FPS in my tests.

We are aware that this is not ideal, especially for game development, and we are looking into ways to improve this.

Best regards,


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