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Black Oval

We are using Wikitude version 6 and randomly upon recognizing an object and displaying a 3D model we get a black oval on the screen over the top of the 3D model.  We've attached a screenshot of what we are using.  Once you get the black oval it will continue to display for objects recognized until you close Wikitude and go back into Wikitude.  It doesn't require closing the app entirely, just Wikitude.  Any ideas on what needs to be done to solve the problem?

We are actually not seeing the same type of issue on version 7.  However, our recognition is significantly worse on version 7 than it is on version 6.  So much worse that version 7 isn't usable for us.  Any ideas what the difference could be between version 6 and version 7 with the recognition?  Is there any way to get version 7 to recognize as well as version 6?  

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I wanted to chime in about our experience.  We are seeing drastically worse results on the 7.0/7.1 release as well.  We finally got someone at Wikitude to tell us that they knew the recognition was lower, but it was done on purpose because there are less false positives.  Essentially, the recognition is so poor on version 7 that it is unusable for us.  We are seeing it on both Android and iOS devices of many different kinds.  We are currently still trying to make version 6.0 work, but are running into other things that can't be solved on version 6.  



Hi, Eva,


It is embarrassing to take video for us because of software tools and how to describe the question in Chinese (Poor oral English). Our problem is not the picture can not be identified, the picture is recognizable, but the speed of recognition is noticeably slow with new version. SDK 7.1 recognition speed is significantly behind the SDK 6.1.


We downloaded SDK Examples (SDK 6.1& SDK 7.1) from github, use the same file, put it under the asset \ samples \ 01_Image $ Recognition_1_Image $ On $ Target \ assets directory, and then modify the recognition object in this example. And then use SDKExamples 6.1 and SDKExamples 7.1 for comparison, it is easy to find the picture recognition performance changes.


We have just carried out the experiment, the problem is still very obvious, we are not only one person here to find this problem, three more persons have found the same problem.


We sincerely hope that you will be able to solve this obvious problem.


Mark Cai

Hi, Daniel,


Thank you for your quick response.


We moved our SDK version from 6.1 to 7.1 directly, our devices are OPPO, Huawei, with the same devices, the upgrade experience is obviously different. Picture recognition function is basic function and very important, compared with SDK 6.1, user AR experience drops very clearly. Maybe the identification error with SDK 7.1 is reduced, but the user experience is also greatly reduced. we moved back to SDK 6.1 now and unable to accept user experience with SDK 7.



Mark Cai

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