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Black Oval

We are using Wikitude version 6 and randomly upon recognizing an object and displaying a 3D model we get a black oval on the screen over the top of the 3D model.  We've attached a screenshot of what we are using.  Once you get the black oval it will continue to display for objects recognized until you close Wikitude and go back into Wikitude.  It doesn't require closing the app entirely, just Wikitude.  Any ideas on what needs to be done to solve the problem?

We are actually not seeing the same type of issue on version 7.  However, our recognition is significantly worse on version 7 than it is on version 6.  So much worse that version 7 isn't usable for us.  Any ideas what the difference could be between version 6 and version 7 with the recognition?  Is there any way to get version 7 to recognize as well as version 6?  

Black Oval.JPG
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We changed the property "extendedrangerecognition"  of SDK 7.1 according to your recommendation, although the performance is still worse than that of SDK 6.1, but it's acceptable. Well done。

Mark Cai

So I set the extendedRangeRecognition to AR.CONST.IMAGE_RECOGNITION_RANGE_EXTENSION.OFF. I just wanted to verify that setting extendedRangeRecognition to that was correct. We are still seeing a lack of recognition with the setting set like this. Also, in this thread it was mentioned setting the carmera to a lower resolutin could improve recognition. Is there sample code for setting the resolution lower? Where would most of those changes need to be made? Would those changes need to be made in the plugin?

Hello Heather,

Please follow the guidelines provided in the documentation section here.



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