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Camera doesn't initiate - black screen

Hey there, I am new to WikiTude but have read the docs and used the output settings but when I run the app on my iPad or iPhone I get a white (sometimes black) screen with a grid vs my camera view. 

I downloaded the demo project and ran that and got the same thing.  

Any ideas?

  • Xcode 9 Beta 5
  • Using the UNITY SDK for Wikitude  (7.0.0 13.07.2017)
  • Unity 2017.1.0f3

Hello Mayank,

Did you check the forum post above that Michael provided? I kindly ask you to check and update the forum post here


Yes, my resolution is to not use Wikitude.  This post is four months old with no reply from them and no real update from them on the thread that I mentioned I was tracking.  

Hi Michael, I'm facing same issue for XCode 9 as I'm using JAVASCRIPT API for iOS. Have you got resolution of this issue ?

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