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Play a video inline in iOS JS sdk webview


We'd like to play an inline video (just using html / js, not related to wikitude directly) inside of the Wikitude webview . I have found a way to enable inline playback in the webview, but its not the cleanest :)

   for (UIView* subview in self.architectView.subviews) {

        if ([subview isKindOfClass: UIWebView.class]) {

            UIWebView* webview = (UIWebView*) subview;

            webview.allowsInlineMediaPlayback = true;



I expect this is the same issue raised here:

Is there a better supported way to allow for this or is my workaround the way to go for now ?

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Hi David,

Thx for pointing out this situation. I just added some new options to the WTArchitectStartupConfiguration that are then forwarded to the underlying web view. These new properties will be available with our 7.1 release (scheduled to go live as soon as the Xcode 9 GM is available).

Best regards,


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