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I have some question :

1- In the new wikitude studio there is no HTML widget?

2- how many tracker images i can use per Project ?

3-with  SDK PRO 3D ( ONE TIME ) , i can export my Apk and upload it to google play, and then i will have the ability to add as much i want images or projects , without the need of updating the APK every time, i add new tracker image or project?

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good to mention that the provided video, where the app not responded at all, the internet speed was very good, i have very fast internet in my home, and also i was closer to the router also. Do you think it may issue of the server where i have my experience? 2- can i try my apple with wikitude server?
1- it is not relevant for me to have all the experience on the app, then the app will be huge like 2GB app. 2- on my system, as you saw in the provided link, not loading at all. 3- i want to have the ability to add new experience while my app is online, how to it? 4- can i send you the code to check if it have any kind of issue? 5- pleaae try to support me, or i will look for another provider.

 On a first test with an Samsung S7 the video loaded but took some seconds to initially load. So we need to have a closer look if the longer loading time is simply because of the internet connection quality.

If the loading speed is an issue (e.g. if your customers are using the app at places where the internet connection is bad) we recommend that you package the complete AR experienc with the application (as it's done in the sample app where most of the samples are completely offline). BUT if you package the AR experienc with the app, then you'll need to consider that it's that easy to update content without updating the app.

As you can try all our products and features for free - there is NO REFUND.

As for the support - as mentioned we don't provide any implementation support and you'd have to ask your questions via our forum and our support team (first level) or core technical team (second level) will get back to you. As you can see the waiting time normally is very short.



and something else, if i purchase the license, will have professional support? or i simple will need to ask and waiting for respond? is there any professional developer who will try help me in professional manner????
1- here you can download all the needed files 2- we use only android 3- we are using you sdk 7 sample 4- but in your sample,you provided all the data in local, not in web connection. Please what is the issue,? if i purchase the license, and i face such issues, is ther e refund??????,
Please send over the complete AR experience (zip file with all the needed .html files, js files, css files, assets and target images) so we can test this internally. Did you test with the unchanged SDK 7 sample app? Is this only occuring on Android or also on iOS.

Thx and greetings




please check this video.

1- the image have 2 start, with you wikitude app working good, but with my own app it not working at all.

 can you tell me please what is the issue here ?

why it not showing the video, taking a lot of time, video size is 3 MG.


i done my testing, for trial license here is the result :

(i added image with full screen video, the video size is 3MB, the target image have 1 star only.)

1- it take a lot of time to load the video

2- some time the video not loading at all

3- when it load the video, it show first big black circle, and then will load it .

4- how to add preloader to tell the user that something happen, and need to wait some time !?

For all augmentations (videos, 3D objects) it will be very slow, therefor we recommend to be below 10MB. Also if you have a lot of such big assets it might not work. If you wish to have larger files you'll need to test with exactly these files and your app, to see if the experience is still ok for the end user.




1- if the video let say 40MG , will not work, or it will be slow? i am talking about self vps hosting! 2 - the same for 3d object?

I'm trying to be as clear as possible with my answers:

1. Yes you can change the video after your downloaded the experience. BUT if it comes to size, 10GB is definitely too big. We recommend a size of max 10MB for all augmentations

2. Depends on the how good the recognition and tracking quality of the surface of the cup is. The more stars you get the better - so if you have cup that is very structured this would work. But if the image of the cup e.g. has no star when you upload it to Studio, then it won't be recognized.

3. Here you can find lot of pages that explain the technology in detail. If you wish to learn more about Wikitude's SLAM features, please have a look here




I have question, please be clear on your answer.

1- if i will add video more than 10MB, when i export the project, and download the js experience, can i change there the video, to put other video with the same name, but to be more than 10GB ?

2- Can i load video in the surface of cup of coffee ? 

3- what is (SLAM ) ?


Target Images: 3MB
Augmentation Images: 2MB
Videos: 10MB
3D Modelle: 10MB

Yes if you wish to not switch in any way between the projects, you'll need to put all the images (max 1000 for client based Recogntion) in one project.




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