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Location Based AR in Unity

Hi, It is great that we have every feature in Android and iOS sdk also in Unity. But Location based AR has been lacking in Unity sdk and it will be great to have it in Unity SDK as well.

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Hi all, any update?

Is the Geo AR feature has arrived  in Wikitude Unity SDK 8.2 and onwards ?

If yes :-  is there any tutorial or documentation for unity geo ar ?

If no :- is there any timeline, when Geo AR can be seen in Unity sdk 8.2 ?


SDK 8.2 does not support geoAR within the Unity Plugin. If you wish to work with our  geoAR feature, you'd need to work with our JS API or the Cordova /  Xamarin extension.

We do have geoAR  support for the Unity Plugin on our list, but I can't provide any timeline in which release this will come. Please stay tuned.

Thx and greetings



We have great news!

Starting with Wikitude SDK 8.6, and thanks to PendAR – augmented reality partner of Wikitude, developers can now use LBAR to create Geo-AR experiences in no time in Unity3D.

You can download the plugin from here.

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