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iOS : can't launch world with Object Tracking

Hi Wikitude team,

I just tried the new SDK 7 sample app on 2 iOS devices : 

  • an iOS 10 ipad pro, 
  • an iOS 11 iphone 6s.

The improvements on instant tracking are great, congrats !

However, I could not test object tracking. All the worlds with "object_tracking" as a required feature fail to load, with an empty alert (see screenshot below). It seems that the "app.wikitudePlugin.isDeviceSupported(...)" function systematically return an error.


Hope you can fix that soon !


Oops I just realized that the version 6.1.0 of wikitude plugin was included in my project !  

I downloaded the sample app on thursday just after the release of SDK 7, and I probably sync with some obsolete cache when importing Wikitude Plugin. 

I had some problems with compiling the sample app for iOS, but following the advice of Daniel here, I managed to make it work !

Hello Amaury,

Happy to hear that you were able to make it work and you can start testing our new SDK 7.



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