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Downloading content during app start-up

Hi there,

I apologize if this question has been answered already but we are a small agency in Hawaii working with a very tourist-heavy project that incorporates both SLAM and marker AR. My question is this:

In order to keep the app size small, is it possible to store the marker overlay content on a separate server and when the user starts the app, depending on which hotel he/she checks into, it downloads the most updated content for that hotel at that time? That way, recognition takes place on the device and not through cloud (Waikiki's wifi isn't the best). We wouldn't mind cloud but the 1,000,000 call limit might be an issue as our project spans the entirety of Waikiki's hotels. 

I would very much appreciate advice on the best way to implement this in the most efficient way. We'll only have about 20 image targets active per month but they will be updated monthly so dynamic content creation is a must.


Mark Rulona

Hello Mark,

It is possible to put your entire asset folder on a separate server, just as long as you can publicly access whatever you store ther. You just need to include the absolute path of every asset in your code, but loading it from a server is possible. And I would also say strongly advisable, since you want to frequently update your content. What I would also recommend is that, every time you change a target you update it on your server by replacing your old target. In this way you would not need to rebuild your app again.

Let me know if you need further information.

Thank you


Hi Eva,

Thank you for your reply! That helps to know very much. This works if I will have 20 targets. What happens, though, if in addition to replacing old files, I need to add new assets to the server so the total number of assets goes from 20 to, say, 25? Would adding new assets mean I have to rebuild the app since the new assets aren't built into the code? 

Hello Mark,

Apologies for not replying earlier but we just launched our new SDK 7. I you are working with Cloud Recognition then you can add new targets dynamically without having to rebuild your app. Please have a look at our documentation here for further information.



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