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combining multiple .wtc or adding a Target to a ResourceCollection at runtime


in our app, we need to load and track different combination of image targets for each user depending on location. Each collection is small (10 to 15 targets), but needs to be different for each user, and at different times. There could potentially be hundreds of thousands of pictures that we need to combine this way. 

After going the forums and the doc, i was not able to find a way to create a collection dynamically. Our thinking was to either create one wtc per image and combine several, or dynamically load Targets in add them to a ResourceCollection in real time. None of those scenario seem to have supporting APIs. 

Is there a way to solve that problem?

Thanks for your support

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Hello Nicolas,

Based on your use case I think that the Cloud Recognition API would be a solution for you. In order to see how this service works we offer examples to the CloudAPI on github and an API reference.



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