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Is 3D rendring availabe with cloud trarget and how to show 3D model on view


I want to show 3D model on the recognized image but I did not find any documentation who explain this feature.

If you have any sample code that would be more helpful.

I also want to know, is it feasible to render/show 3D model for cloud targets?

Hello Rajneesh,

We actually have plenty of examples on our documentation where we explain how to use 3D models. Please refer for example in this section here.

If you are using targets that you have store in the cloud server, then please refer to the example here and replace the AR.ImageDrawable with a AR.Model object.


Hello Eva,

Does Wikitude 3D model rendering support zoom-in/out and rotation.

As 3D model rendering is in JS, does it have a Native iOS way to render the model?

Hello Rajneesh,

With the latest SDK 6, we have introduced some new functions where you can rotate, scale and drag images and 3D models in an AR scene. Please refer to this example for more details.

It is also possible to render 3D models in the Native API, however, we do not offer any examples on 3D tracking with augmentation models in Native API, since this is entirely up to the developer to program how he wishes his app to behave. The Native API wraps the main functionalities of the Wikitude computer vision engine and enables the full computer vision power in your app. To keep it lean, the Native API does not integrate a separate rendering engine, but offers you the full flexibility in terms of rendering augmented reality content.




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