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How to not show camera feed when opening AR World

Hi Wikitude team,

I am using the cordova plugin to open an AR world. As soon as the world opens, I display a loading screen (a fullscreen div), waiting for my wtc file to be loaded, and all AR resources to be initialised.

This works fine, but before the loading screen is displayed, it is possible to see the camera feed for a moment (from 0.5 s on ipad pro, to 2 or 3 seconds on a old android phone). This makes our app look a bit unfinished.

I tried several thing to avoid this problem : making the background of the page white, no running any heavy process until dom is ready, etc ... but it seems impossible to launch an AR World and display a fullscreen div directly, without seing the camera feed for a bit.

Is there a way to block or mask the camera feed on AR World initialization ? 



Hello Amaury,

I am afraid this is not possible in Cordova. If you were working with Native SDK, the you could take full control over the rendering and for example cover the camera feed in the background. Did you try to set the view layout to 1x1 pixel size?



Hi Eva, and thanks for your answer :-)

When you say "view layout", are you referring to the AR View ? If yes, how can I change its size to 1 x 1px ?

Setting AR View to 1 x 1px during initialization could be a solution for me. When my AR View is initialized I could then set it back to fullscreen right ? How would I do that ?



Hi Amaury,

what you could try is to use WikitudePlugin.hide after you call WikitudePlugin.loadARchitectWorld and use in the success callback. During this time you can show the loading screen in the cordova view.

If this still shows the camera feed you will have to modify the WikitudePlugin yourself to set the initial state to invisible. Note that this would be a less preferred method since you may have to change the code of the WikitudePlugin after every Wikitude SDK release.

Best Regards,


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