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Calibration is not working on Epson Moverio BT-300



During my evaluation of the Wikitude SDK for developing an AR-application for the BT-300 I have got some issues with the Wikitudes eye calibration tool.


I have tried to calibrate the BT-300 with the build in calibration tool from the sample apps but the calibration seems to be wrong. I have tried to calibrate it several times but neither of the calibrations were usable. The rectangle was way too small and did not overlay the picture. Furthermore, sometimes after the calibration procedure the orange rectangle was not visible because it was too small or the calibration was not precise.

Did someone already manage to calibrate the BT-300 or is it in general not yet working?


I will very much appreciate your support and looking forward to hearing from you.

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You have get really close to the object when the red rectangle appears then it will detect and turn into green. After that, you can align your green rectangle and continue.

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