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Cordova "freezes" while Wikitude is presented

I'm running the latest Wikitude Cordova plugin (6.1.0) with Cordova iOS 4.3.

I'm trying to trigger event handlers registered using `wikitudePlugin.onJSONObjectReceived in my Cordova webview using Wikitude's `AR.platform.sendJSONObject` API. 

Unfortunately the Cordova view seems to be mostly frozen while the Wikitude view is presented. Events only fire occasionally (or after pausing/resuming the app). But I can't rely on them to fire immediately e.g. for closing the Wikitude view from Cordova. 

Is there any best practice on how to handle communication between the Cordova and Wikitude webviews? 

PS: On Android it's working as expected.

Hi Christian,

You're definitely using the correct APIs to communicate between those two webviews. Did you had a look at our examples? They also use these APIs to trigger certain actions (e.g. triggering screenshot generation).

Could you send us a demo project that we can try and analyse? 

Best regards,


Thanks for your help. In the meantime I was able to track the issue down to the usage of cordova-plugin-wkwebview-engine. Everything is working fine with the stock UIWebView.

The general performance improvement of WKWebView is pretty drastic. Do you have any plans on supporting it? 

Hi Christian,

thx for the valuable feedback! It's interesting that the usage of WKWebView as primary web view for Cordova is causing those kind of issues.

We already have an internal ticket to investigate why WKWebView based Cordova applications do not work as expected. I actually had the ticket planned for my last sprint but the plan changed last minute. The ticket should be closed within the scope of our next major release. 

Best regards,


Is this still an open issue? If so, what release will it be resolved in? 

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