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Unity & Wikitude

HI! I'm sort of new to Wikitude and had a couple of questions for the app I am trying to develop with Wikitude & Unity: 

1. Is it possible to use vuforia to detect objects such as screws and then add labels to them aka identify the object as a screw? 

2. Is it possible to set an exact position (some sort of distance) in which an object is to be placed from/on the marker? 

3. Is it possible to scale the objects placed on the marker to real size? 


Thanks so much in advance!

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Hi Joyce,

I would strongly suggest, before you start coding, that you have a look at our documentation in order to understand how it works. If you are working with Unity, since this extension is based on our Native API, you cannot use GeoLocation features. You can however, scale objects. Regarding vuforia issues, maybe you could reach out to their support.



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