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Wikitude Studio Transparent Video Scale


I'm having some trouble with the Video-Scale in the new version of Wikitude Studio.

I would like to cover the target image with a transparent video that would be around 4 times as big. The maximum scale of 8 from the studio options give me about 2 times as big, only horizontally because of the different ratio's of a 1:1 target image and 16:9 video. Here's where it might get confusing for you guys, I'm trying to make a video in which at first you see an in-video image of the target-image which covers the 'real-life' target-image. As you see below it's a sandy square with a wheel in it. As a next step, the in-video target-image is animated in a way that you see the wheel move off the marker, sandy square still covering the real target-image.

In the image below, the big target-image is the real one, the little one on top is the in-video-target-image which I would like to have at the same size of the real target-image, not just by editing it larger in the video, but by creating a larger video-to-targetImage-ratio.


Please help! Thanks in advance :)

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Hello Yascha,

We just had a hot fix on this issue and changed the scale of the video up to 20. This should help you continue with your use case.



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