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change, the (POSITION) X-Y-Z change to =0 in all my projects automatically.

today i'm open targetmanager studio to make new project,

but i see all my experience in my projects is change, the (POSITION) X-Y-Z change to =0

for image and video and 3d, i don't know how but now all my experience is not right

the experience,

All images and video appear above some

Because of the change of place coordinates of images and video, in a strange and without science

In all projects .

The problem still exists

I also have another account that has the same problem and got it at the same time

I hope to solve this problem quickly, because I am using the studio to create my projects.
The biggest problem 

Now I can not export projects from the studio, because the measurements 

will vary in my program and projects become wrong 

So now I can not work a new project, until I fix old projects.

We just fixed an issue related to this topic so this issue should be resolved. Let me know if you still experience issues. Thank you.

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