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Wikitude Cloud Recognition + WTC Files + One-Time Fee License

 When purchasing one of the one-time fee licenses, are the REST APIs that generate WTC files for embedded use available without additional cost? Or are we required to use the web interface for manual management?

Hello Thorsten,

As described in our Pricing page, if you wish to have our Cloud Recognition services then you would need to purchase our Cloud product, as these are not available for our One-time-fee products. If you have already purchased a license then, I suggest you reach out to and see what options/offers you can have.



Hi, thank you very much for your response.  Just for clarification, I do not intend to use the cloud recognition services.  I intend to embed WTC files in the application for offline use.  However, I need to update the WTC files from time to time.  From your response I figure that WTC file generation through the REST API, even for offline use, is part of the Cloud product.  But I can continue to use the web interface without restriction, right?
This one right here:


Hi Thorsten,

It is exactly as you described ;)

Have fun


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