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POI's shifting on screen + onLocationChanged firing many times with same coordinates

Hi all,

We're having an issue with our Cordova plugin. The POI's keep shifting around the screen. Further, the onLocationChanged event is firing every second even if the coordinates aren't changing (See screenshot). I have a suspicion that these two issues are related.

In other areas of our app that use geolocation, the location doesn't change nearly as often as Wikitude does and is pretty stable (using navigator.geolocation.watchposition), so it's not the internal compass. Any thoughts? This is happening on iPhones SE through 7 Plus.



Could you please send over your architect world file so that we can test internally?




Attached is the JS file. loadPOI() is the entry point into adding POI's to the AR view. Then it is organized to only show the closest 20 via organizePOIs()

(4.49 KB)
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