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What should be the behavior of 3D Model in RelativeLocation and GeoLocation?

I have tried searching high and low but it seems like either no one is facing this confusion or thread left unanswered.

This topic is the closest I ever gotten and bump*

My question is using AR.Model for GeoObject either with RelativeLocation or GeoLocation, what should be the "Normal" or expected behavior of the 3D model? What I searched so far, a lot of the replies from Wikitude seems to suggest that the 3D Model will always face you. Even the thread above said so. 

Apparently it does not! In RelativeLocation, having reference null and applying different Northing and Easting, the 3D model will face either towards you OR away from you showing it's back. It is not true at all that it will always face you. This is the same for GeoLocation. 

Using Android Native and Android JS are the same. My model does not face me at all times. 

Hello Ren,

As you can also see in the forum post you pasted above, this is now fixed and possible to do so. You can have more information here.

It is true that this behavior was not possible before but, as we are constantly improving our SDK, this was fixed with our latest release of SDK 6.1.



I found what I needed! Thanks!

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