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Get camera transform

I'm trying to integrate the Wikitude tracker with different 3D engines (three.js for example) so I can add physics and particle effects to my scene without using the Wikitude render engine. 

Is there a property (specifically using a AR.InstantTrackable object) that I can reference to get the world/camera transform and is there a "tick" event that I can observer to update my own engines 3D camera offset? I've searched through the documentation at length and can't find any reference to these properties. 

So I figured I can use Three.js's render function as my tick and then reference Wikitude elements but I still can't find an object to reference to get the cameras position

Hi Andrew,

The Wikitude SDK (JS API) doesn't offer you any hook or other entry point to get either the camera or model matrix. You would need to switch to the Wikitude SDK with ObjC or Java API. 

This would require that you write your rendering code in ObjC/Java or C++. You could setup your app to use the Wikitude SDK (ObjC/Java API) in combination with a web view and inject matrix updates every frame into the web view JS context, but I don't know what the performance would be.

Best regards,


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