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Using a 3D environment Map in Unity


I have recorded a 3D map of an environment in Unity using TrackingMapRecorder, this generates me a wtm file.

Now I would like to use this file inside Unity, to do this I found ObjectTracker but I can't manage to make it work. Can you point to an example or tutorial.

What I do :

- Attach TrackingMapRecorder to a gameobject

- TrackingMapRecorder.TrackingMapName = "filename.wtm";

- TrackingMapRecorder.StartRecording();

- The map point is displayied in Unity


- Attach ObjectTracker to a gameobject

- Set Target collection to the generated file

At this point I am stuck since I don't know wich callbacks respond when the scene is recognized

Could you provide some help


Hello Carlo,

Could you please tell me which of our SDK version you are testing with and if it is on Android or iOS?



I am using 2.1.0 (

Downloaded from


On Android


If you want to track an environment, I would recommend using the new Instant Tracker. It works better that the old map recorder, which is being deprecated and will be removed in the future. Also, when using the instant tracker, you don't have to record a map ahead of time as it records and tracks at the same time.

There already is a sample on how to use the Instant Tracker included in the Unity package.

Best regards,


Thanks for your quick reply

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