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Rendering Original ARObject

First of all, I apologize that I am not good at English.  

I'd like to implement the following functions. 

  • Rendering a model that connects two GeoObjects (eg a line like an arrow)
  • The model dynamically changes shape (at mesh level, not Translate, Scale, Rotate)  

So my way of thinking is to "dynamically draw the model using the GLES 20 class".  

Source example: NativeSDKExamples> com.wikitude.samples.rendering.external.ExternalRenderingActivity  

However, in achieving this, the following two problems occurred.  

  1. I want to know viewMatrix and projectionMatrix of GeoObject (created with JS API) 
  2. Can not build including both Android Architect SDK (wikitudesdk.aar) and Native Android SDK  (wikitude-native-sdk.aar) 

If the above is solved, I think that it can be realized by using JS API and NativeAPI.  

Or can you create the original ARObject? (AR.Line like AR.Circle, for example)  

Thank you for reading. 


First of all, your English is just perfect ;)

I am afraid I do not have good news for you. I understand that you have chosen to work with Native, since you want to render your own 3D model and this cannot be done with Javascript. However, we do not support GeoLocation services with Native, so that means you cannot render the model by connecting GeoObjects. GeoLocation services are available with Javascript but you cannot render your own 3D model there. Moreover, there is no workaround yet in which you can work together with both Native and Javascript.

Your concept was very creative but unfortunately not feasible.


Thanks !!

I wanted to express slackness in the ARObject of the connector, depending on the state of the two ARObjects.

However, Unfortunately I give up.
I will express it by preparing multiple patterns of fixed ARModel.


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