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Display Stripe On Android using Unity Sdk

i am new to Wikitude.

i'm using MOTO X 2nd android 5 to run a sample from unity.

if i do not enable Enable Camera2 API on the wikitudeCamera Prefab then i get the wrong display on my phone screen. Kind like color stripe.

if i enabled use the Camera2API then it's works well.

however on another phone android 7, if i enable the Camera2API there are green stripe on the screen.

(2.8 MB)
(2.7 MB)
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Hi Joe,

this seems like a issue that only occurs on the MOTO X, unfortunately we do not have this device in our office so we can not easily find the issue.

I created a custom build which includes some logs and will store the camera frame in the devices external storage (External-Storage/wikitude_cam_frame).

Please replace the wikitude-unity-bridge.aar you are using with the one you can download here.

After that run your app again, after some seconds close it and send me the logs and the wikitude_cam_frame.

Best Regards,


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