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when will the slam continuous tracking be available

my boss saw this video  and this one  

we will be buying the license, but before that my boss wants me to make a prototype 

1)how do you create continuous SLAM indoor navigation

if i understand correctly with the instant tracking to implement continuos tracking i just have to start tracking when it loses the track.

2) to integrate SLAM with the geolocation, it it really as simple as creating a geo object inside of the instant tracking? So i don't have to do a filter on position of camera movement to geo location? If thats the case then thats awesome.

Hello Pascal,

I believe you are confusing SLAM indoor navigation with Instant Tracking. So the video you posted for indoor navigation was only for a specific demo use case. Instant Tracking does not include any kind of navigation services, it is only used for room scaling. So that means that right now we do not have an SDK product to integrate SLAM with navigation services.

Regarding your second question, you can integrate SLAM - so Instant Tracking - with GeoLocation features, and it is actually pretty simple. If you take a look at the sample Combine Image Recognition and POIs then you simply need to replace new AR.ImageTracker with new AR.InstantTracker.

Finally, this article could maybe give you some more information on how to work with Instant Tracking.

Have fun!


thanks for clearing that up, when will the  SLAM indoor navigation  be available? 

Hello Pascal,

Currently we do not have any plans to implement this functionality as we have set as our primary goals to improve Instant Tracking and Extended Tracking and introduce Object Recognition.




Great news for you as today we launched SDK 7, which includes your feature request, “Object Recognition”. In a nutshell, SDK 7 introduces:

  • Object Recognition
  • Multiple Image Target Recognition
  • Hit-testing API for SLAM
  • Instant tracking improvements
  • Extended recognition range

SDK 7 significantly expands Wikitude’s SLAM technology by adding object recognition and tracking capabilities to its feature set. These features enable brands and enterprises to build augmented reality experiences using a variety of real-world objects, such as toys, sculptures, architectural models, product packaging, industrial machines and more.

The workflow is simple: record a video of your object, upload it to the Wikitude Studio Manager and create your AR experience as desired. Object recognition technology creates an additional touch point to interact with users, allowing real time and 360 degrees augmented reality experiences around real world objects.


Check out this blog for a developer insight and this tutorial to see how you can create your first 'Object Target Collection'. You can download the new SDK 7 directly from our Download page. Enjoy our new cool features ;)

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