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Android Javascript SDK - Start ArchitectView with camera disabled


I'm trying to get an architectView started with the camera disabled.

If I set the to false in the JS, it stills shows the camera for some moments before it actually disable it and show the black screen and it doesn't feel smooth.

I call the = false in the first line of my addingradar.js

I even had a look at the java class ArchitectStartupConfiguration but it seems that the option to disable the camera is not there.

Any suggestion? 


Hello Giulia,

this is currently not possible and we are wondering what you would use this for? The camera is one of the key elements for augmented reality and therefore we want to understand your use case.

Do you want to show the POIs on a black screen?

Would be great, if you could add some details what you want to achieve.



Hi Peter, thanks for the quick reply.

I need to display a brief (HTML) tutorial before the app start his functionality, and the action that make the tutorial closable is being in a certain place (I implemented that in the locationChanged in addingradar.js).

The camera will start only if the user's position is in a certain lat-lon range.

Hello Giulia,

Disabling the camera when you start your app is not exactly expected behavior so what happens is that if you turn off the camera, also the rendering should be stopped.
We do this because our SDK is no 3d rendering engine but an augmented reality SDK which always draws the camera when rendering augmentations.

You could write a plugin for our SDK and draw a black rectangle (full screen) in the startRender() method to achive the same result.




Hello Giulia,

As this is neither an SDK issue nor expected behavior, it is entirely up to you how you are going to implement this plugin in order to draw a black rectangle.



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