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Add video to instant tracking

I'm working on a new project based on InstantTracking Interactivity, what I need is to add a video near a particulary model, for do this I add a VideoDrawable in this way:

 var video = new AR.VideoDrawable("assets/video.mp4", 0.40, {

 translate: {






 lastAddedModel = model;


but nothing appear, where is the error? Is possible to add a video without an image?

Hello Francesco,

You are able to add videos with Instant Tracking and in order to see how you can follow the documentation here. You simply need to remove 3D models references and add video drawables. If there is no error then the problem is not in the coding. You could also try and add an image drawable instead of a video to see if this is working.



thanks, I find a way using RelativeLocation, I have a last question, I try to learn bot slam and extended tracking, the first one is more stable then the second but I need to possibility to use an image for activate/disactivate the augmented world, is possibile to combine SLAM with image tracking?

So, when the camera track an image I init the slam tracking and then I use it for manage my models?


Hi Francesco,

You cannot have a target image with Instant Tracking as this feature adds the augmentation by creating a map on the fly. However, if you wish to have better results with Extended Tracking what you should do is always try and scan the image from a distance. extended Tracking is a feature for these cases where we do not want to lose target when scanning from a distance. Therefore, it performs better when you are not scanning too close to the tracker but from a certain distance so that you include some surroundings as well.



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