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onPanChanged, onScaleChanged events are not triggered

Hi All,

Using Wikitude SDK 6.0.1 for Android, Pan and Scale movements are not triggered (Began, Changed or Ended) I tried as only trigger function in drawable object nothing changed. If try with Rotate or Click triggers, Rotate and Click are triggered but Scale or Pan movements are detected as Rotation movement because of two finger touches. Used on Samsung S3 API18 and Samsung S4 API21, problem is same. Tried with Image, Video and 3D drawables, problem is same.

Anybody knows anything about this issue, or have a working sample code and configuration?

Hello Mustafa,

In our samples if you try to scale an object using two fingers then you will be able to do it. Are you trying with our samples or are you trying with your own app?



Dear Eva. I had problem in my own application, and compared the code with InstantTrack samples in Wikitude application. now it is working, thanks very much.

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