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Crop Image


I want to crop the piece of the image that is recognized.

I there any way to cut it?

Hello Hamid,

I am sorry but I do not understand exactly what it is you want to do. Could you please share some more information regarding your use case?



Hello Eva,

I want to crop the piece of the image that is recognized by "AR.ImageTracker".

And after that, I will send it to another library to process.

To simplifying the question I'm using this sample from your website.

After recognizing the surfboard, I want to crop the surfboard part from the whole image.

after cropping I will do another process with another library on the image. 

Hello Hamid,

Thanks for sending more information. Unfortunately this is not something that you can have with Xamarin, as you would need to implement a plugin for that and our Xamarin extension is not supporting that. However, you could implement that with our Javascript API if you wish. You could have a look at our FaceDetection plugin. What you would need from there is the CameraFrameAcailable function that gets the current frame and the update function that send the recognized target.



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