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Slam and instant tracking


in your old slam, We could record the shape of an object or a building and be able to make augmented reality on this volume.

Today with IntsantTracgking I can record the moment I see and drop an object on it but I can not save this object.

I would like to know if it is possible with wikitude to record building facades in 3d and then on each of the facades to make the reality increased.

Thank you

Hello Ced,

In our new Instant Tracking feature it is not possible to record a map as this feature enables you to add augmented object the moment you are tracking something without having to record a map before. 

Instant tracking is an algorithm that, contrary to those previously introduced in the Wikitude SDK, does not aim to recognize a predefined target and start the tracking procedure thereafter, but immediately start tracking in an arbitrary environment. Recording a map and tracking afterwards is something that will be included in our 3D Object Recognition, that is scheduled this year.



Is it possible to serve as a beta test during your progress on this topic ?? I really believe in this recognition of object or architecture in the museums and it would be an incredible force if recognizing a statue or building was possible ...

Hi Ced,

A beta version of SDK 8 is now available for developers on the download page and it introduces a new feature, Instant Targets. Users can now add augmentations to physical surfaces, save the AR experience and make it available for others to load and see in the future. Additionally, the saved Instant Targets map can be edited on the fly when loaded.



Hi @Nicola

SDK 8 is not supporting for Cordova project?

I am using Cordova with wikitude, can you advice?


We're currently working on finalizing our first beta version for Cordova. For now it's the JS API, Native and Unity.

Please stay tuned



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