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wikitude javascript sdk android - problem in poi

I am new to android and wikitude, I am working on application which uses wikitude sdk to augment POIs.

1. I made my own app, now I want to use wikitude functionality in it.

2. I made changes in manifest and gradle, included library for using wikitude.

3. I created assets folder and pasted the folder from wikitude SDK samples, named POI with labels.

Now my app is running, activity for wikitude is loading, camera is working, 

problem is i am getting symbol showing "trying to find your location".

All permissions are given, internet is on but still.

Please tell me did i need to make any changes in code or i skipped any step.

The 1st sample of image recognition is working, but POI sample is showing that error.

I think this is a generic error message. 

I modified the sample app with my own POIs and either added too many POIs or forgot a comma somewhere. This resulted in such a message.

When I cleaned my code, the error disappeared.

Hello Vedank,

Please refer to this forum post regarding the message you are receiving about POIs. In addition, as Sjakelien also mentioned, and as mentioned on our documentation as well, although the SDKExamples project provides a basic implementation of a LocationProvider this is by far not the best location strategy available for Android. Please use your own advanced location strategy implementation in case you have special requirements.

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