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Can't build with bitcode enabled

I just downloaded javascript iOS SDK 6.0.1.

Doesn't build with bitcode enabled on XCode 8.2

(Did not work on ver 6.0.0 either)


the Wikitude SDK does not support bitcode at this point.

Kind regards


Hi Daniel, can you tell us when you will enable bitcode? We had to disable it for our public app which is quite a big inconvenience for us. We thought it would be changed to support it but as mentioned above the latest version still does not support and you have not stated further. 

Can you confirm if there are plans to start supporting it and a timeframe as it is crucial to our decision to continue with this framework.


we are actively working on allowing the bitcode setting. It will be released with one of the upcoming SDK releases. When exactly that will be I cannot say at this point.

Kind regards


"with one of the upcoming SDKs" is not adequate. We are not going to wait until Apple stops allowing non bitcode apps from going to the Appstore and are sitting with an app that does not work because we couldn't get a clear timeline from Wikitude.

I opened a support ticket because this post had not been answered and I see the ticket was deleted and the post now answered..

Please give us an indication if this update is planned for the next 3 months , 6 months , 2 years etc. Avoiding answering questions on the forum  and only answering when a support ticket is created does not create confidence.


currently we are not aware of any indication, that Apple will -  in the short or midterm-  disable apps without included bitcode support and in case Apple should announce this, you can take it for granted that Wikitude will react ahead of time so our customers can work with a compliant SDK (like we did with 64-bit support or http/https requirement). As mentioned by my colleague, bitcode support is under active development and will hit the SDK in one of the upcoming releases. The roadmap for active development does not span more than 9 months so you can do the math :)

Kind regards


You could have included this info regarding 9 month dev cycle) in any of your above two posts instead of avoiding a commitment to timeline.

We don't want to wait for apple to stop supporting non bitcode apps, we already use it, and have to now stop until you sort this out. Please notify us when you release the upgraded to support bitcode.

Following up on this, when will we have a version that we can enable bitcode for?



the Wikitude SDK has been supporting bitcode for a while now. Don't know which version exactly, but if what you have is somewhat recent, you should be able to build with bitcode enabled.

The exact version that enabled bitcode should be listed in the release notes in our documentation.


Here's the relevant excerpt from the release notes:

Wikitude SDK 7.0.0
Release Date: 13.07.2017
Support for Bitcode

- Daniel

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