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Regarding Multiple images

 Hello ,

I am implementing the AR for Titanium but Problem is that I am uploading the single image in Wikitude and get the single .wtc file but i want to upload a multiple images in wikitude and want to single .wtc file for multiple images . Is it possible ??? if Yes then Please help for it . Another problem is that i am doing the code in Alloy and i am not able to give the path for IOS. Please give me the path for AR in Alloy for Titaniium


Divyansh Sharma

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Hi Divyansh,

It is possible to have multiple images in one .wtc file. In fact, you can have up to 1000 images to one .wtc file. For further information please refer to our documentation. Regarding your second question, we don't test our Module with Alloy however, but since Alloy is just another JS framework it should be compatible with existing Titanium Modules.

We officially do not support Alloy and the only samples we provide are the ones on our documentation.

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