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offline wikitude

 Hello Wkitude workers and developers !

I'm new to Wikitude and trying to develop an AR app for android. However, i have a device and a PC which cannot be connected to internet.
Hence my question : how can i use wikitude in offline mode ?

I've seen on different posts that it is possible to do so but i don't know how.

I'm using the JS API and in every sample provided in the wikitude SDK, i see :

<script src=""></script>

which means (if i'm right) we need the internet connexion in order to make our app work

I saw we could replace "" with "architect://" but it won't work on a desktop browser for debugging

So i'm kind lost here,

can someone give me a hand ?

thanks ! :)

Hi Andreas,
Thanks a lot for your answer, I get it now !
I was hoping i could use an emulator somehow before developping on an actual device but nevermind :)

Thanks again,


Hi Vivien,

The Wikitude SDK can work completely offline.

The `` include does not require a internet connection as it's load request is intercepted by the Wikitude SDK directly.

Architect Worlds don't work on desktop browsers as the required architect.js is only included in our mobile SDK and there is no way to load it in a desktop browser. Also the camera feed would be missing there.

Best regards,


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