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Instant Tracking demo doesn't seem to do much

I'm trying out the Instant Tracking demo, but it doesn't seem to do much. I've entered a trial serial and made the build for an Android device (Nexus 5x). I press the 'Initialize' button and then nothing happens. I can see the grid around me and it rotates when I rotate my phone, but it doesn't move or do anything else. 

I'm not seeing any log messages. It does say "Unlicensed Feature Used" on screen, but I'd still expect it to work.

Can you tell me what could be going wrong?

Hi Michiel,

Have you requested a special trial license key to try our new features of our SDK 6 by sending an email at

Please note: this issue has already been fixed so you can download the trial key from the License page and work with our latest SDK versions and backwards. So you do not need to request for a special trial key.



I have done so now.

Thanks, Michiel

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