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Wrong JPEG Library Version

Hi, I'm trying a Unity app with Wikitude. The problem is that when I use wikitude in my project and try to load a jpeg texture from a server I get this error in Xcode and I can't load the jpeg image :
"Wrong JPEG library version: library is 80, caller expects 62"

I also tried the new sdk and the problem exists.
I'll appreciate if you can help me with this.


Thank you for reporting this issue. It seems like Unity and the Wikitude SDK use the same JPEG library, but we use a newer version, which causes the error. We are looking into how we can fix this. In the mean time, I've checked PNG files and those seem to work fine, so if it's at all possible, you could try to switch to PNGs. Alternatively, you could try to use a C# JPEG library, since WWW still works fine for downloads, including JPEGs and it's just a matter of converting the raw data into RGB. I hope this helps and I apologize for the inconvenience.

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Thanks, I tried to convert it to png with below code but I'm still getting the same error : 


WWW imgUrlWWW = new WWW(imgUrl);
yield return imgUrlWWW;
Texture2D tex = new Texture2D(imgUrlWWW.texture.width, imgUrlWWW.texture.height, TextureFormat.RGBA32, false);
byte[] bytes = tex.EncodeToPNG();
Texture2D tex2 = new Texture2D(imgUrlWWW.texture.width, imgUrlWWW.texture.height, TextureFormat.RGBA32, false);
image.mainTexture = tex2; 

 I'll appreciate if you can give your thoughts on that, it should logically work because it is PNG now but I'm still getting the same error. 



If I understand correctly, the original image you are trying to load is still a JPEG, so when you do the first LoadImage call, Unity will call the same library function that fails. What I originally suggested was to load PNG files instead of JPEG, if you have control over the images that are loaded an can easily convert them from one format to another on the server.

Best regards,


Thank you. I also tried to convert it to png, but I still receive the same issue. I then went to this online website jpeg compress

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