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Wikitude with Android Studio

Hey everyone,

I'm making a POI application as a part of my university project. I have downloaded the JavaScript version of the WIkitude on my machine. I also followed all the steps to implement Wikitude library into my project (update the Manifest, the gradle).

But as I never used JavaScript I have no idea where the code goes in Android Studio. So i cannot even follow the POI example you have in documentation. I know it's a stupid question, but I cannot find a tutorial or at least a hint anywhere. 

Thanks for the help in advance!

Hello Suleyman,

As this is not exactly a Wikitude SDK related issue, what I would advice you is to start with a tutorial regarding Javascript and how to develop apps in Android Studio and then try to implement our samples, which will be an easier task.




I believe I saw on Stack Overflow that you were able to resolve your issues, I have the exact same dilemma and would like some advice on how you proceeded!



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Hey! Actually, I ended up not using Wikitude. It involved learning JavaScript, and I did not have time at all. So what I did is, I implemented the POI myself, got the location using GoogleApi, used a custom camera view in a SurfaceView, also used TYPE_ROTATION_VECTOR to get azimuth, pitch, and roll, and that's it I believe. And then I just used a TextView to place it on a screen.

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Would this method work to implement a 3D model or is it only for 2D images? I'm in the same boat on needing to learn Java and not sure it's a worthy investment of time.

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