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No augmentation


I am trying out Wikitude studio, which contains 3 steps: create, preview, export.

On the preview step, following the instructions on the documentation page 

I cannot see the augmentation when I scan the target image with my device (Asus Nexus 7 tablet), although the image has a 3 star rating.

Can you suggest a solution?

Hi Thomas,

When you use your device to scan the target image you created with WIkitude Studio, you need to download the Wikitude App from the store and log in as a developer with the credentials you are using to log into Wikitude Studio.

  • Are you able to see the project you created when you log in?
  • Which type of augmentation have you added?
  •  Is it possible that you send us a video demonstrating this issue?



Hi Eva,

thanks for your quick response. I can see the project listed on the device in the developer section of the Wikitude studio app (version 8.2.7). The augmentation i added to the target image is simply a jpeg image. This jpeg image does not appear when scanning the target image. Please find a video file attached demonstrating this issue.

Many thanks,


Hi Eva,

the video file attachment was too large, but you can watch it on the following youtube link 

Hello Thomas,

Does the name of your image target contains any unicode characters? Because this could be a problem sometimes. Since you are a trial user, may I ask why you are using our old Studio and you do not try with our New Generation Studio?



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