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Command line 3D model conversion


We are creating an app in order to facilitate the client the 3D model conversion in a transparent way. I mean, to avoid that user had to use Wikitude Encoder.

So, we'd like to use a command line or something similar that we can include in our Desktop application, so it will convert the FBX model to WT3 without any action from the user.

Is it possible? Can we do something to automate this process?



Hi Javier,

We currently don't offer an automated way to generate the .wt3 files. The users have to work with the 3D Encoder to encode the files.





Something about this has changed? 

I also need a way for automated conversion of wt3 file,



Hi Dave,

Unfrotunately nothing changed in the status for the .wt3 command line tool. If you work with 3D models and have the option to use Unity, then we recommend to use our Unity Plugin, as this offers more options in regards to 3D workflow and higher quality.

Thx and greetings


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