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Unity Problems and Questions

I am evaluating Wikitude in Unity. I am having several problems:

1. The WTC Editor does not seem to work in Unity. When I create a new WTC and select an asset, nothing happens. I had to create the WTC on the web in Wikitude Studio.

2. Does Play Mode in Unity not work for Wikitude? I just get a white screen.

3. Do I need to add my own light source to the augmentation object(s)? How can I preview them?



1. Is there any error message displayed in the console when creating the WTC file? Are you using Windows or Mac?

2. Play mode is not fully supported yet, but when pressing play you can still preview our augmentation. You can test this in the "Client Recognition - Sample" scene for example.

3. Yes, you need to add your own lights to the scene, but by default there should be a Directional Light already in the scene. You can preview the augmentation by pressing play, or simply by inspecting them in the Scene view.

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Hi, I also have problem number 1. I click an image in the "Create" window, but it just closes without doing anything. No error message that I can see. Working on Windows. A progress bar does appear for a split second, saying something about applying changes, but no new Target Collection appears.



I wasn't able to reproduce this issue. Are you using the latest version of the SDK? Also, which version of Unity and Windows are you using? 

Does adding targets to an existing collection work? You can test this by pressing the Add button, selecting the desired texture, and hitting apply to save. You can then press the Refresh button to reload all the collections from disk again and check if the update was successful.

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Apologies for the late response.
I downloaded both Unity and the Wikitude SDK on the same day that I tried it out, so I can only imagine it's the latest version (v2.1.0?). I got Unity version 5.6 (64bit) on a Windows 10.

Adding new targets to an existing collection seems to run into the same issue as creating a new collection. A window appears for a split second, saying "Applying changes to collection so far", but it does not actually save the changes. As such, when I click refresh, the new target disappears.



Sorry for the late reply and thank you for the additional information.

Can you please share the image you are trying to add to the collection, along with the meta file associated with it and its absolute path in the system?

Thank you,


Of course, though the problem occurs with every image I try to add, including images present in the examples.

Anyway: C:\Users\yzig__000\Documents\Unity\WTC Converter\Assets\Images\Sum_circle.jpg

Now that I'm looking at the path, perhaps it's because I've foolishly left a space in the project name..




I just tested with a space in the path and it seems that this is indeed the problem. It will be fixed in the next update, but until then, would it be possible for you to change the path to not contain any spaces and try again?

I apologize for the inconvenience.

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If that will fix the problem, I'll just make another Unity project without a space. Thanks for the help.


Hi Bart,

A beta version of SDK 8 is now available for developers on the download page.  Unity developers will be pleased to know that SDK 8 added AR-view functionality to the Unity editor. Being able to test and tweak your augmented reality project, hassle-free, during app creation greatly reduces development and prototyping time.

Additionally, developers can use the Unity Remote feature to test Instant Tracking using a remote camera (e.g. a smartphone or tablet).



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