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Writing/ Reading to cloud dynamically from native iOS app

I am working with the IOS native sample SDK with javascript and my goal is to both create targets and their AR experiences from the iOS application directly. I have working the ability to read my target that I have uploaded to your target manager on the wikitude website and I copied the codes from the cloud put them in the javascript file and it recognizes my target in the cloud metadata sample. My question is the cloud “target manager" a CMS i can write to dynamically and call from dynamically directly from the app or do I need to add targets in through the target manager on your website? Do I need my own CMS? Does the SDK examples with Javascript for IOS include the ability to both read and write to your target manager cloud?  I see it can recognize a target I added through the target manager on your site but I want to write to your target manager directly from the app so the content can change dynamically.

Do I need to install something else?  Which file enables me to write dynamically and pull dynamically from your cloud “target manager"? If it can do this  now which part of the project is this happening in? Is it in the Jquery file (this is formatted to be illegible- can I change that) ? Forgive me I am an experienced IOS developer but have zero experience with Jquery and little with Javascript. Thanks in advance.

Jami Becker

AR + VR studio

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