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Tracking image with different colors


Lets say that I have a box with black counters and white space inside. Is it possible to track it if I fill the box with different colors like, 

filled with red inside in black counter box. If so is it possible to recognize the filled color within unity api ?


Hi Clay,

If you are using image tracking and you change the filling color then you also change the image, so you would not be able to track it anymore. The only way this could work is by using 3D tracking. Regarding Unity, this plugin can only recognize images from a wtc file.



Hi Nicola,

1) how can I register for a trial copy of Wikitude 3D recognition & tracking module?

2) Can you point me to a sample iOS source code that recognizes 3D objects?




Our 3D tracking beta program has ended for now. Over the past months we have tested intensively and gathered the necessary feedback to improve this technology. The Wikitude technical team is now working on the final version of this product, and our first 3D recognition/tracking release is planned for beginning of the next year.

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Hello @Wikitude Support I would like to use native api sdk for iOS and Android. Now, I used the sample project inside SDK to try image recognition. I have five image with same content but just different color. Red, blue, green, dark green, and orange. I find that, Always the sdk mistake the color. How can I do to improve it?


The image recognition is working with grey scale images --> this is the reason why the colors are not recognized properly. 



Thank you for your reply.

And how should I do to add color recognization?

Is there plugin can used?


Hi Lu,

We don't have a plugin available, but with the Plugins API you can integrate third party libraries with our SDK - so you can search for color recognition engines and integrate a suitable.



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